Anne Akiko Meyers Issues Apology for Controversial Facebook Post


Japanese-American violin soloist Anne Akiko Meyers has today issued an apology for an errant, perceived-to-be racially insensitive post she made, earlier this week on her facebook fanpage.

“I wonder if you have to be black to be invited to solo with this orchestra? #reversediscrimination” she asked, in relation to a VC article about the launch of Europe's first black and minority-ethnic orchestra.

"Quickly, I realized the implications were just so horrible and dreadful that I took down the post almost immediately, about 20 minutes later," Meyers has told Laurie Niles, editor and founder of

She also admitted in her panicked desire to erase the post she took to blocking people and deleting comments on Facebook and twitter.

"I am extremely sorry. It was a very big mistake and I in no way stand behind that question, in no way," Anne has said.


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