The Berlin-Based Artemis Quartet Announces Two New Members

The Artemis Quartet has announced the appointment of violinist Suyeon Kim and cellist Harriet Krijgh to the ensemble

Suyeon Kim Harriet Krijgh Violinist Cellist Cover

The Berlin-based Artemis String Quartet has today announced the appointment of Korean-German violinist Suyoen Kim and Dutch cellist Harriet Krijgh to the ensemble - effective from June 2019.

A graduate of the Vienna University of Music and Arts, Harriet, 27, will replace long-term cellist Eckart Runge.

A graduate of the Münster and Munich Schools of Music and the Kronberg Academy, Suyoen, 31, will replace violinist Anthea Kreston.

Suyeon and current violinist Vineta Sarika will share the first chair, the ensemble has indicated.

“We are delighted and hugely excited to welcome Suyoen Kim and Harriet Krijgh, two wonderful musical personalities and outstanding instrumentalists, to the Artemis Quartet …” violist Gregor Sigl has said.

“As with previous changes, we now face the challenge once again of preserving the musical heritage of all previous members of the Artemis Quartet ... a legacy of unconditional commitment going back more than thirty years ... with our new partners …” he has said.

“At the same time, in our common pursuit of musical excellence, we aim to challenge this legacy and expand on it."

Both Anthea, who joined the ensemble in 2016, and Eckart who joined in 1989, have indicated they will leave the group to devote more time to their own artistic projects and to their families.

“I have enjoyed the privilege of being able to work and perform with many wonderful colleagues and partners, of being able to share the unique quartet repertoire with them and with our audiences over a very long time during my life as a musician – and for that I am deeply grateful,” Eckart has said.