Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Returns to the Stage

The orchestra held an indoor concert in Baltimore’s Meyerhoff Symphony Hall for the first time since March 2020


Led by the BSO's associate conductor, Nicholas Hersh, the performance was part of the orchestra's free summer concert series. Tickets to the event were sold out within five days of the announcement, indicating the city’s excitement to be back in concert halls. 

"I was concerned about the impact of the pandemic on the orchestra, but I'm glad they've managed to make it through," said Steven Tucker, a patron. "BSO is good for Baltimore, and Baltimore is good for BSO. So, I'm glad they endured, and I look forward to their future growth."

Safety measures were still in place for the concert with a limited capacity, and audience members were encouraged to keep distance between others when picking their seats. The small, but eager audience was treated to a jazz-inspired program, which included James P. Johnson’s cinematic Harlem Symphony and George Gershwin’s film score hit An American in Paris. 

"I have missed it, so this is a real treat being able to get out, being in Meyerhoff again,” said Mary Lou Farnsworth, another patron. “I play my records, but it's just not the same. Nothing's the same thing as a live performance."