Brexit Trade Deal Raising Concern Amongst UK Musicians

Over two-thirds of respondents state they are considering moving operations outside of the UK


In a recent survey conducted by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), 94% of respondent businesses stated that the EU-UK Trade Corporation Agreement (TCA) has a negative impact. The survey found that additional paperwork, changes to transportation costs, and border disruptions were the top three issues with the TCA. The new ruling in the TCA states that all EU imports and exports must be declared, causing additional customs duties and value-added tax (VAT).

These increased dues and paperwork have raised concern for many UK musicians, especially grass-root organizations who may not be able to afford additional costs.

UK artists fear that European promoters won't hire them, since artists are treated as “visa nationals” with entry requirements. These visa and work permit costs depend on individual country requirements, length of stay, and the purpose of the stay.

“They noted the lack of information before January 2021 which gave little time to adapt once the rules were introduced” the ISM states. “Since then, guidance has been coming through in ‘dribs and drabs.’”

The ISM is calling upon the UK government to work with the EU to ease issues, as well as provide assistance to UK musicians.