Ex-Brodsky Guadagnini, Probably Used for Tchaikovksy Concerto Premiere to be Sold

gb guadagnini brodsky tchaikovsky brompton's cover

Brompton's Fine & Rare Instruments, London has announced the upcoming March 30th auction of the important G.B. Guadagnini violin – once owned by virtuoso Adolph Brodsky, and sold by him just 16 years after he debuted the world premiere performance of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.

The 'Ex-Brodsky' Guadagnini, made in Milan in 1757, was sold by the Russian virtuoso in 1897, for the pricely sum of £250 to a Mr Claxton - whose daughter later bequeathed the instrument to its present owner.

Other Guadagnini violins have achieved record values, including the 1778 ‘ex-Dorothy DeLay’ which was sold in 2013 for US $1.39 Million.

Brompton's haved estimated the value of the 'ex-Brodsky' instrument to be in excess of £500,000 (US $745,000)

To visit item and other March 30th sale items, visit: www.bromptons.co/auction