ASK THE PROS | Martin Beaver - 'Why is Slow Practice So Important?' [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member Adam Clark, from Canada was keen to know: ‘Why is it so important to practice slowly?' We threw Adam's question over...

ASK THE PROS | Violinist, Alexander Kerr - 'Should Performers Also Learn to Teach?' [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member Robert Ingridson, from the United States was keen to know: ‘Is it really important for all performers to learn to teach?’ We...

ASK THE PROS | Violinist, Francesca dePasquale: 'Improving Your Ensemble Playing' [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member Annie Jones, from Canada was keen to know: ‘What are some tips in improving your ensemble playing?’ We threw Annie’s question...

James Ehnes on Breaking a String Mid-Performance

The inevitable string breaks, coupled with your adrenaline rush while performing on stage might seem like a spell for disaster, doesn't it? Worry not,...

ASK THE PROS | Anne Akiko Meyers - 'Fourth Finger Swing' [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member James Dong, from Sydney, was keen to know: 'How can I get better amplitude on my 4th finger vibrato?' VC threw...

ASK THE PROS | Sarah Chang - Help Me With 'Running Passage Articulation'

The Violin Channel member Hannah Buckley, from Sydney, was desperate to know: 'Why when I'm playing rapid, slurring semiquavers do the notes sometimes seem...

ASK THE PROS | Stefan Valcuha – 'Best Way to Clean Your Stringed Instrument'

The Violin Channel member Guillaume Jacot was keen to know: 'What is the best way to clean your instrument, and with what, when it's...

ASK THE PROS | Philippe Quint - 'The Perfect Up Bow Staccato'

The Violin Channel member Vlad Bourceanu, from London, was keen to know: 'What is the secret to perfect up bow staccato?' VC threw Vlad's plea...



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