Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Anna-Maria Hefele : World's Best Polyphonic Singer [WOW]

Introducing vocalist Anna-Maria Hefele ... the world's best polyphonic overtone singer .... ANNA-MARIA HEFELE | OVERTONE SINGING 

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto (Arr. Button Accordion) [MUST SEE]

The human one-man-orchestra, Ukrainian-born button accordionist Alexander Hrustevich performing Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto ... Arranged by Vladimir Zubitsky - and recorded live on April 5th, 2016. ALEXANDER HRUSTEVICH...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Sibelius 'Finlandia' (Arr. 4 Electric Toothbrushes) [WTF]

Introducing Sibelius' Finlandia ... performed by 4 electric toothbrushes  ... Produced by a Finnish engineer, calling himself The Device Orchestra, the ensemble focuses primarily on...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | TwoSet Violin - '10 Different Types of Music Teachers' [TRUTH]

Australian funsters TwoSet Violin talk us through the 10 different types of music teachers ...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Meet London's Apple iPhone Ringtone Orchestra [VIDEO]

Meet British conductor Rainer Hersch and his Apple iPhone Ringtone Orchestra .... RAINER HERSCH ORKESTRA | ORCHESTRAL APPLE RINGTONES 

WACKY WEDNESDAY | The Melodica Men ... Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries' [WHOA]

YouTube sensations Joe Buono and Tristan Clarke from The Melodica Men present Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries' ... arranged for four mouth-blown melodicas ... JOE BUONO & TRISTAN CLARKE...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | The Melodica Men ... Dvorak's 'New World Symphony' [WHOA]

YouTube sensations Joe Buono and Tristan Clarke from The Melodica Men present Dvorak's 'New World Symphony' ... arranged for two mouth-blown melodicas ... JOE BUONO & TRISTAN CLARKE |...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | The Melodica Men ... Bernstein's 'Candide Overture' [HUH]

YouTube sensation Joe Buono from The Melodica Men presents Bernstein's 'Candide Overture' ... arranged for two mouth-blown melodicas .... JOE BUONO | MELODICA MEN | LEONARD BERNSTEIN |...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Meet Pat Ernst ... The Skiing Violinist [BRRRRR]

Violinist Pat Ernst, from the band The Whiskeydicks, warming up on his way to work at Whistler's Dubh Linn Gate Irish pub ...    

WACKY WEDNESDAY | '10 Hours of Walking in New York City as a Violist’ [WHAT]

Internet sensation, Submediant documents the trials and tribulations of a lone violist  ... as she walks the lonely streets of New York City for...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Composer David Teie - Orchestral Music for Kitty Cats [VIDEO]

American composer and researcher David Teie, back in November 2015, explaining his vision … to compose an entire CD album ... specifically for cats. Following a successful...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Schulhoff String Quartet With Guest Pole Dancer [WHAT]

The Dutch based Alma String Quartet performing Erwin Schulhoff’s String Quartet No. 1 … with special guest ... Recorded live on the 18th of November,...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Conductor Leif Segerstam Unleashes ‘Scheherazade’ Like Never Before [WTF]

Finnish conductor Leif Segerstam leads the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia in a rather special interpretation of the final movement of Rimsky-Korsakov’s ‘Scheherazade’. As the ship...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Meet Reg Kehoe ... and His Marimba Queens [WTF]

Sit back, relax and enjoy ... the bizarre and exuberant showmanship of the 1940s - with Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens …

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Lego Star Wars Orchestra - ‘Darth Vader’s Theme’ [VIDEO]

To help celebrate the upcoming release of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, we present to you Darth Vader and the Lego Stormtrooper Orchestra -...



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