Cellist Named as Director of Culture of UNESCO Heritage Site

English cellist Jacob Shaw has been appointed the role at the world heritage site in Stevns, Denmark, and will assume the position as of April 1, 2022

(Image courtesy: Berlingske)


UNESCO, or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, promotes world peace through education, arts, sciences, and culture.

Its World Heritage Sites are landmarks designated and protected by UNESCO for having cultural, historical, or scientific significance.

International prize-winning cellist Jacob Shaw is now the Director of Culture at the Stevns Klint Visitor Center — located at the Stevns Klint cliffs in Denmark — a site that was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2014.

Opening in October 2022, the Stevns Klint Visitor Center will be hosting several cultural activities aimed at creating awareness of climate change. The center is funded by an 80 million DKK donation from various donors.

Earth collided with a powerful asteroid 66 million years ago and Stevns Klint is the best place to still view traces from the collision. It is also a significant location to address climate change, biodiversity issues, and sustainability.

Since 2016, Shaw has led the Scandinavian Cello School, which recently partnered with the Stevns Klint Visitor Center. Shaw is also a resident in the town of Stevns, a place he says has changed his life.

“Experiences that change people’s knowledge and life is precisely the goal of our work: Cultural experiences that invite people in, fascinate and translate the central communication at Stevns Klint Visitor Center,” Shaw said in the press release. “I can’t wait to get started, working alongside the team of World Heritage Stevns’ talented employees, and together ensuring our visitors a completely unique experience.”

Experienced in curating festivals and events for which he has received much recognition, Shaw recently won the national "firesoul personality" award from Danish Radio P2 and was placed among the 100 greatest talents in the business community by Danish newspaper Berlingske



“We are aiming at the highest possible standard, which is what Jacob Shaw represents,” said Steen Bonke Sørensen, director of the visitor center. “That applies to the unique architecture of the building, the use of the surroundings, exhibition and cultural plans.”

“It’s a dream that comes true to contribute to the development of the whole of the region,” Shaw added. “I want to make a significant difference…by curating a world class cultural program…relevant for locals but also bringing numerous guests from afar.

“I am so proud to live here, and I am over the moon to be able to have the chance to give back and curate a completely extraordinary program that both can convey the unique story of Stevns Klint and inspire all those who will attend our events,” he concluded.