City of Birmingham Symphony & Chorus Cancel 2021 Salzburg Festival Performance

The early music vocal ensemble Tallis Scholars have also canceled their appearance at the 2021 festival


Due to quarantine regulations in Great Britain, both the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (BSCO) and The Tallis Scholars have withdrawn from the Austrian festival, running from July 17 to August 31.

Austria is currently on the UK’s “Amber” list. In order to enter the UK from Austria, you must quarantine for 10 days and take two COVID-19 tests.

To combat the cancellations, the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra has gathered 91 musicians from 18 countries across Europe to take the place of the BSCO, alongside the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna and the Wiener Singverein.

Ensemble Cinquecento will replace The Tallis Scholars. Featuring five singers from five different countries, Ensemble Cinquecento specializes in renaissance works. They intend to keep part of The Tallis Scholars’ program and will complement it with L’homme armé, Gregorian chant, and further works by Josquin Deprez.