City of Cremona Opens The Stauffer Center

This institution will become the first international center dedicated entirely to the higher education of strings


Located in Cremona, Italy, The Stauffer Center is already being described as one of the world's most modern and progressive music institutions

The center is located in a 17th Century building, originally called Palazzo Stradiotti, now called Palazzo Stauffer. Here, students will navigate their string education involving concepts such as research, composition, production, management, and innovation.

The Fondazione Stauffer, or Stauffer Foundation, is one of Italy's leading private institutions for the promotion of music and culture. Founded in 1970 by Walter Stauffer, the foundation's goal is to bolster musical training for string instruments, traditional violin-making, and musicology.

The campus will eventually become a high-tech and sustainable one that is completely plastic-free. A special interior design company, Pininfarina, is designing the campus.

The inauguration of the music center will take place on International Music Day, October 1, 2021. This event will be streamed and all musicians of diverse backgrounds are able to attend free of charge.