Colorado Symphony Receives Major Gift to Help Pay Musicians and Staff

The $2 million anonymous donation will allow workers to receive full salary and healthcare benefits through June, 2021


Since the onset of the pandemic, the orchestra has created its own series of digital performances in addition to performing socially distanced live concerts to a limited size audience.

"We’re beyond grateful to this anonymous donor for this incredibly generous gift," said Jerome H. Kern, CEO and Chair of the Board of Trustees.

"This significant donation will help maintain our operations as we continue to work towards the time when we can perform with audiences in Boettcher Concert Hall again. These gifts show us that we are seen by our community as a sound financial investment and much-needed cultural keystone to Colorado while standing as a testament to the hard work of our leadership, musicians, and staff over the last decade. I know that with continued support, we’ll emerge from this difficult chapter with a renewed passion to bring live symphonic music to audiences starved for public events. Together, we will play on.”