Concerto Budapest Symphony Announce New Teen Concertmaster

The Concerto Budapest Orchestra has announced the appointment of 19 year old, Miranda Liu has their new Concertmaster


The Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra has today announced the appointment of 19 year old American-born violinist, Miranda Liu has their new Concertmaster.

A graduate of the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg and the Liszt Academy of Music, where she studied with Professors Paul Roczek and Eszter Peréni, Miranda is a former 1st prize winner at the 2016 International Young Virtuoso Competition, in Zagreb and the Alexander and Buono International String Competition, in New York.

“I'm very excited to work and perform together in Hungary and abroad with some of the most respected and accomplished musicians around!" the excited teen has said via social media.

“Another dream come true!” she has gleamed. 

Formed in 1907, Concerto Budapest is one of Hungary’s oldest ensembles.