Conductor Riccardo Muti Lends Support to Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

The music director of the Chicago Symphony released a statement concerning the needed support for the musicians of the Metropolitan Opera House


The Met Orchestra Musicians & the Met Chorus Artists have not been paid for 10 months and counting. Most recently, music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin pledged $50,000 in matching donations to the musicians. 

The statement reads,

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing to you in response to a heartfelt request for support from the musicians of the Metropolitan Opera House.

The closure of the Metropolitan Opera House and the dramatic situation of its wonderful Orchestra embodies a profound grief, not only for the city of New York, but for the entire cultural world. Without music and the musicians who bring it to life, civil society is doomed to spiritual poverty and barbarism. Music is not entertainment, but rather, an essential food for the mind and soul.

The Met, its Orchestra, along with its artistic team and technical crews are a heritage of humanity. The artistic world is in disbelief that the very existence of a great Orchestra like the Met’s could be in danger and even at risk of disappearing.

My appeal, as a musician, as Music Director of the great Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and as a citizen of the world, is to give back to the musicians of the Met the dignity which we all deserve and the hope that they can soon return to share with us their art. We must support them during this unprecedented and terrible pandemic.

The extensive and glorious history of the Met and its fabulous Orchestra cannot end in an artistic catastrophe. The world of Art, of Culture, and of Beauty would never forgive it! Moreover, future generations would suffer dearly the negative consequences.

With hope and confidence,

Ricardo Muti"


You can donate to the musicians here: