Finalists Announced at Rotterdam International Conducting Competition

The final rounds of the competition will be held in May and June 2022 — streamed live on The Violin Channel


The inaugural International Conducting Competition Rotterdam today announced its six 2021/2022 designate winners.

"ICCR is introducing a new term that fits with the unique structure of the competition," Event Executive Director Rob Hilberink told The Violin Channel.

"All six conductors are invited not to compete with each other, but to take the stage and present themselves in the best possible way during five fully-fledged projects. Last week they have all proven to be destined for a career on the podium. This requires a title that conveys that expectation, as all six are designated to become winners."



The 2021/2022 designate winners are:

  • Carlos Ágreda (Colombia)

  • Bertie Baigent (United Kingdom)

  • Martijn Dendievel (Belgium)

  • Chloe Rooke (United Kingdom)

  • Joel Sandelson (United Kingdom)

  • Luis Toro Araya (Chile)

Open to international conductors between the ages of 23 to 35 years old, the Grand Prize winner will receive €15,000.

The final rounds of the competition to be held in May and June 2022, with each designate winner given the opportunity to conduct the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Rotterdam Symphony Chorus, Sinfonia Rotterdam, Doelen Ensemble, and the Orchestra of the 18th Century.

The new format, lasting over six rounds and two years, will allow the young conductors the chance to work with numerous orchestras and test all ranges, specialties, genres, and styles.

Each round will consist of rehearsals and a final concert performance, both of which will be judged by the jury and open to the public.

"ICCR has been over 6 years in the making," Event Executive Director Rob Hilberink told The Violin Channel. "It sparked from the notion that very few high-level opportunities for young conductors existed worldwide."

"As a young conductor there are very few opportunities to perform on ‘your instrument’, and seldom do you have the chance to work with a high-level orchestra and even then, never does this happen in front of so many influential people from all around the world," he said.

"It is both a fantastic learning experience and a showcase at the same time."

The competition will have separate juries for each round. They are to include: Michel van der Aa, Giordino Bellincampi, Anja Bihlmaier, Deborah Borda, Karina Canelakkis, Jonathan Darlington, Sian Edwards, Jane Glover, Ara Guzelimian, Antony Hermus, Ton Koopman, Sophie de Lint, Sir James MacMillan, Wayne Marshall, Kenneth Montgomery, Franck Ollu, Lahav Shani, Ed Spanjaard, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Maxim Vengerov, Benjamin Wallfisch, George Wiegel, Joshua Weilerstein, Elmar Weingarten, John Wilson, and Yip Wing Sie.

The Violin Channel, as the competition’s official international media and broadcast partner, will be providing streaming coverage direct from Rotterdam.