OUT NOW | Elias String Quartet’s New Album: ‘Schumann Quartets Nos. 2 & 3’ [LISTEN]

Alpha Classics has announced the release of the Elias String Quartet’s new album ‘Schumann’

Elias String Quartet Schumann Cover

Alpha Classics has this week announced the release of the Elias String Quartet’s new album ‘Schumann’ - featuring Robert Schumann’s 2nd and 3rd String Quartets.

“We’ve always felt close to the Schumann quartets …” the British-based ensemble has told The Violin Channel.

“His third quartet is one that we’ve been playing for years and always seem to come back to when programming … the second quartet we came to a bit more recently and instantly fell in love with … together they are like two contrasting sides of the same coin,” the former BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists have said.

“So much of Schumann’s music is about the spontaneity and flexibility of the moment …this is why we chose to record this disc in a live setting, with an audience, rather than in a studio where repetition in search of perfection can make it more difficult to capture the ephemeral quality of his music.”

Track previews available now on Amazon and iTunes:


Elias Quartet

Release Date: February 23, 2018