New Streaming Platform Launched for Musicians to Sell Concert Performances

A new streaming platform has launched allowing performing artists the opportunity to monetize their concert recordings - directly to their fans

Exit Live Concert Violinist Filip Pagody Cover

A new digital streaming platform, based in Dublin, Ireland, has launched this month allowing performing artists and ensembles internationally the opportunity to monetize concert recordings and performances online - directly to their fans.

The new portal, called ‘Exit [Live]’ is open to DJs, bands, orchestras and instrumentalists - with the video's artists and/or copyright holders to receive 80% of all video revenue generated.

Exit [Live] has suggested their major appeal is their immediacy - with the site able to generate a recording as soon as the live performance ends, without the lengthy wait for distributors or recording partners, and that the artists and rights holders retain control of all copyrights.

"There are many negative issues when it comes to artists being compensated properly … we want to change this and I hope that Exit [Live] will be a positive step in that direction ..." site founder Giorgio Serra has said.

Revenue generated from cover versions will be distributed amongst rights holders, the site has indicated.