MANIC MONDAY | Sawing a Violin in Half Performance Art Piece … [WHAT]

Violinist Emily Ondracek-Peterson performing George Maciunas' 1962 Fluxus performance art piece ... 'Solo for Violin' ...


Violinist Emily Ondracek-Peterson performing George Maciunas‘ 1962 Fluxus performance art piece … Solo for Violin … including the sawing and total mutilation of the instrument and bow.

Recorded live on the 12th of July – at the 2018 Crested Butte Music Festival, in Colorado.

“To be honest ‘Solo for Violin’ was painful to perform … but also very cathartic …” Emily has told The Violin Channel.

“The violin used was $25 on Amazon …. professional concert stringed instruments are works of art and I would NEVER destroy such an instrument … for any reason …” she has said.

“If nothing else, this piece reminds us that we need to take care of music and the living performance of music and art … when ‘Solo for Violin’ no longer generates a reaction in us, we know that the violin and music are no longer valued by the societies in which we live.”