Go Fund Me Launched To Support Family of Murdered Violinist

After 15-year-old Dasan Jones was found dead in the home of his stepfather, the fund is aimed to help the family of the talented violinist


Jones was a student at Maryland's Glen Burnie High School and is remembered as someone who was kind to everyone. According to police, the cause of his passing is still under investigation.

"If you needed help with an assignment or something, he would always be willing to help out," said a friend of Jones. "When he would come into class, I remember he would always be smiling and coming over to me and the friends I sat with and making jokes."

"Dasan was a quiet student who was excited by the possibilities that our BMAH program offered," said Scott McGuire, Principal of the high school, in a letter to families. "He was articulate, proactive, and responsible. He was also a violin player and earned a seat on the All-County Orchestra in eighth grade."

A friend began the GoFundMe for Jones’ family. The money will be used for funeral expenses and extra finances, with the beneficiary of the fundraiser being Jones’ mother.

"Dasan Jones was a bright young man with a promising future," his obituary reads. He had been awarded the Presidential Golden Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence, Schola Award, and Goal Oriented Award for Orchestra."

To support Jones’ family and loved ones, click here.