Hartford Symphony Orchestra Extends Music Director's Contract

Carolyn Kuan agreed to extend her contract for two additional years, which enables her to stay with the Connecticut-based orchestra through May 2024


Kuan was first appointed as Music Director of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra (HSO) in 2011. Her contract was extended for two years in 2014, then for another six years beginning in 2015. Her new contract will commence from the 2022-23 season.

As music director, Kuan has introduced a wide range of special instruments to the HSO audience, including the Japanese koto, Chinese pipa, and Scottish bagpipes. She also programmed concerts that included unique performances with dancers, actors, puppeteers, and visual artists.

“I am honored to continue serving the Hartford Symphony Orchestra in my role as Music Director,” Kuan said in a statement. “The past 10 years have been truly fulfilling, and it is a privilege to work with our amazing musicians, our Board and staff, and this incredible community. As we emerge from over a year when we were unable to connect with and perform for our audiences in person, I am so energized and excited to return to the stage, and present diverse and innovative concerts for our HSO community once again.”

“We are thrilled that Carolyn has agreed to a two-year extension of her contract,” said Jeff Verney, Chairman of the HSO Board of Directors. “During her 10 years with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra, Carolyn has become a pillar of the greater Hartford artistic community, bringing extraordinary music to audiences, collaborating with many of our artistic institutions, and always exuding joy and passion on the podium as she conducts the wonderful musicians of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra.”