In Memoriam – Remembering the Remarkable Music Makers We Lost in 2016 [RIP]

As the year draws to a close, we’d like to take the time to remember those remarkable musicians whom we lost from our community this year

Neville Marriner Death Obituary Died Conductor

As the year draws to a close, we’d like to take the time to remember those remarkable musicians whom we lost from our community this year.

French composer, conductor, and pianist Pierre Boulez - Aged 90.

Austrian conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt - Aged 86.

Academy of St. Martin’s Founder Sir Neville Marriner - Aged 92.

British composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies - Aged 81.

American composer Steven Stucky - Aged 66.

Boston Symphony Orchestra principal cellist Jules Eskin - Aged 85.

American violinist and teacher Ida Levin - Aged 53.

American violinist and pedagogue Margaret Pardee - Aged 95.

German-born conductor Otto-Werner Mueller - Aged 89.

Austrian cellist and conductor Heinrich Schiff - Aged 65.

Former Berlin Philharmonic principal cellist Eberhard Finke - Aged 96.

American composer, activist, and accordionist Pauline Oliveros - Aged 84.

Czech-American composer and conductor Karel Husa - Aged 95.

Hungarian-American former Chicago Symphony Orchestra violinist Francis Akos - Aged 93.

Brazilian avant-garde composer Gilberto Mendes - Aged 93.

Dutch trombonist of André Rieu’s Johann Strauss Orchestra Ruud Merx - Aged 47.

Italian violist and pedagogue Elisa Pegreffi - Aged 93.

German-born American violist Peter Kamnitzer - Aged 93.

Swiss-born conductor Gustav Meier - Aged 86.

Mexican composer, arranger, and mariachi violinist Don José “Pepe” Martínez - Aged 74.

American conductor Charles R Ellis - Aged 67.

Shostakovich String Quartet violist and pedagogue Alexander Galkovsky.

Former Academy of St. Martin’s concertmaster Alan Loveday.

Estonian conductor Eri Klas - Aged 76.

Canadian TV conductor, arranger, and Music Director Howard Cable - Aged 95.

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra bassoonist Richard Chandler - Aged 52.

Lithuanian violinist and conductor Saulius Sondeckis - Aged 87.

Finnish conductor Ulf Söderblom - Aged 85.

British-born Australian cellist Christine Jackson - Aged 53.

American violin dealer Dan Schab - Aged 58.

French-born Spanish cellist David Etheve - Aged 50.

Russian-born Norwegian pianist Natalia Streichenko - Aged 38.

Former Mannes School of Music dean Dr Charles Kaufman - Aged 87.

Irish violinist and founder of the New Irish Chamber Orchestra and the Orchestra of Saint Cecilia Mary Gallagher O’Rourke - Aged 76.

Romanian-born Israeli violinist Rodica Iosub - Aged 56.

New York City Opera violinist Kate Light.

Former Philadelphia Orchestra cellist Marcel Farago - Aged 92.

Film score composer and bassist Don “Terry” Plumeri - Aged 71.

Former Santa Rosa Symphony concertmaster Eugene Shepherd - Aged 96.

Former Philadelphia Orchestra double bassist Emilio “Lee” Gravagno - Aged 82.

Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra assistant principal cellist Hendrik Zwiener - Aged 37.

Russian french hornist Vladimir Garushka - Aged 31.

American cellist and Suzuki pedagogue Gilda Barston - Aged 71.

Armenian-American violinist and pedagogue Anahid Ajemian - Aged 92.

Welsh cellist and pedagogue Gwyneth George - Aged 95.

Romanian composer, scholar, and musicologist Pascal Bentoiu - Aged 88.

American violinist and pedagogue Jerrold Rubenstein.

German violist Elisabeth Schaefer.

American conductor and founder of the Cathedral Choral Society Reilly Lewis - Aged 72.

Italian opera conductor Edoardo Miller - Aged 78.

Dutch violinist, composer, and educator Bernard van Beurden - Aged 82.

Former Vienna Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Klaus Maetzl - Aged 75.

South African film and TV composer and conductor Harry Rabinowitz - Aged 100.

Medici Quartet violinist Paul Robertson - Aged 63.

Italian violinist and concertmaster of the Orchestra della Tuscana Andrew Tacchi - Aged 63.

Los Angeles Philharmonic violinist Barry Socher - Aged 68.

Los Angeles Philharmonic double bassist Frederick Tinsley - Aged 76.

Oklahoma City Philharmonic violinist Lois Fees - Aged 82.

Australian violinist and member of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra Stephen Phillips - Aged 54.

Serbian violinist and pedagogue Dejan Mihailovic - Aged 84.

French-born composer and pioneer of electronic pop music Jean-Jacques Perrey - Aged 87.

American violinist Mary Whitaker - Aged 61.

American violist and music teacher Christopher Waters - Aged 30.

American violinist and educator John Lambros - Aged 98.

South Korean violinist Hyuk-Joo Kwun - Aged 31.

Daughter of ‘The Piano Guys’ co-founder Jon Schmidt Annie Schmidt - Aged 21.

Australian violist Paul Leggett - Aged 48.

Italian violinist and violist Greta Medini - Aged 26.

Philanthropist and co-founder of the UK-based Borletti-Buitoni Trust Franco Buitoni - Aged 82.

Rest in peace, and thank you.