In Memoriam – Remembering the Remarkable Music Makers We Lost in 2017 [RIP]

As the year draws to a close, we’d like to take the time to remember those remarkable musicians whom we lost from our community this year

Jiri Belohlavek Conductor Died Cover

As the year draws to a close, we’d like to take the time to remember those remarkable musicians whom we lost from our community this year.


Czech conductor Jiří Bělohlávek – Aged 71. [PICTURED]

French orchestral and operatic conductor Georges Pretre – Aged 92.

Filipino-American violin and viola pedagogue Joey Corpus – Aged 59.

American violinist and pedagogue Fredell Lack – Aged 95.

Russian violinist and pedagogue Grigori Zhislin – Aged 71.

American violinist, conductor and pedagogue Paul Zukofsky – Aged 73.

Russian cellist Natalia Shakhovskaya – Aged 82.

Controversial New York-based string instrument collector, entrepreneur, tropical fish expert and philanthropist Herbert Richard Axelrod – Aged 89.

Russian conductor and violinist Fedor Glushchenko – Aged 73.

Swiss classical and jazz cellist Daniel Pezzotti – Aged 55.

American conductor David T. Heusel – Aged 60.

Australian flutist and conductor Patrick Thomas – Aged 85.

Romanian composer Ana-Maria Avram – Aged 55.

German-American violinist Walter Levin – Aged 92.

French-Spanish violinist Victor Martin – Aged 76.

Serbian-Dominican violinist Pavle Vujcic – Aged 64.

Swiss violinist Thomas Furi – Aged 70.

Dutch conductor and pedagogue Jan Stulen – Aged 75.

Italian-Argentinian cellist, composer and arranger José Bragato – Aged 101.

Russian violinist and pedagogue Maya Glezarova – Aged 92.

Finnish violist Teija Salminen Mäkelä – Aged 48.

English pianist and composer Malcolm Lipkin – Aged 85.

American violinist Fred Spector – Aged 92.

British conductor Sir Jeffrey Tate – Aged 74.

American violinist and teacher Jocelyn Gertel.

Yugoslavian-Finnish composer Jovanka Trbojevic – Aged just 54.

New York-based pianist, composer and poet Dr Daniel Brewbaker – Aged 66.

Scottish-American violinist Hugh Ewart – Aged 93.

British cellist Keith Harvey – Aged 78.

Hungarian-American violinist and conductor Joseph Kovacs – Aged 91.

British cellist Olga Hegedus – Aged 96.

Hungarian violinist Peter Komlos – Aged 81.

British violinist Nona Liddell – Aged 89.

British violinist David Angel – Aged just 62.

German violinist Thomas Brandis – Aged 81.

German violinist and conductor Rainer Kussmaul – Aged 70.

Romanian-American violin pedagogue Dr Ecaterina (Kati) Gerson – Aged 64.

American violinist, conductor and educator Jonathan Strasser – Aged 70.

Italian conductor and musicologist Alberto Zedda – Aged 89.

Russian cellist Anatoly Nikitin – Aged 85.

Danish jazz composer and double bassist Nicolai Munch-Hansen – Aged just 39.

Danish jazz violinist, composer and vaudevillian Svend Asmussen – Aged 100.

American violinist and conductor Sidney Rothstein – Aged 80.

Amsterdam-based violin maker and restorer Fred J. Lindeman – Aged 84.

Macedonian conductor Sasha Nikolovski-Gjumar – Aged just 50.


Rest in peace, and thank you.