In Memoriam – Remembering the Remarkable Music Makers We Lost in 2018 [RIP]

As the year draws to a close, we’d like to take the time to remember those remarkable musicians whom we lost from our community in 2018


As the year draws to a close, we’d like to take the time to remember those remarkable musicians whom we lost from our community in 2018.


Former Juilliard String Quartet violinist and pedagogue Robert Mann – aged 97 [PICTURED]

Brazilian-born American cellist and pedagogue Aldo Parisot – aged 100

Scottish composer & conductor Oliver Knussen – aged 66

Soviet-born conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky – aged 87

Dutch violinist and pedagogue Herman Krebbers – aged 94

Polish-Australian violinist Wanda Wilkomirska – aged 89

Former Guarneri String Quartet violist Michael Tree – aged 83

Venezuelan El Sistema Youth Orchestra founder and activist Maestro José Abreu – aged 78

Italian luthier and instrument maker Giovanni Battista Morassi – aged 84

American violinist, conductor and pedagogue, Anshel Brusilow – aged 89

Israeli-born American violist and pedagogue Rami Solomonow – aged 68

American violin pedagogue and children’s music teaching book author, Ms Shirley Givens 

Montreal International Music Competition President and Co-Founder André Bourbeau – aged 81

Polish-born American violinist Anna Karkowska – aged 36

French contemporary music composer, pianist and percussionist Alain Kremski – aged 78 

Hawaiian-born composer and educator Dennis Kam – aged 76

Greek-born composer and conductor Theódoros Andoníou – aged 83

Canadian-American musical theatre composer and pianist Galt MacDermot – aged 89

Spanish conductor Juan José Olives

Soviet-born New York-based violinist Nina Beilina – aged 81

American conductor, composer and percussionist Harold Farberman – aged 89

Indian-born British violinist, violist, conductor and composer Levine Andrade – aged 64

Australian conductor Richard Gill – aged 76

Brazilian violist Diemerson Sena – aged just 33

Spanish violin maker and author Ramon Pinto – aged 89

American cellist Eric Dahlin 

Experimental Japanese composer and violinist Takeshita Kosugi – aged 80

French violist Claude Ducrocq

American violinist Naira Cola – aged just 37

Polish pianist and composer Piotr de Peslin Lachert – aged 80

Dutch violinist Xander Wadman – aged 64

Chinese violinist Zhongguo Sheng – aged 77

Argentinian–American violinist and conductor Rubén D’Artagnan González – aged 79

Australian string instrument maker and luthier Robert Ditterich – aged 65

Italian conductor and composer Claudio Scimone – aged 83

American double-bassist Paul Harris – aged 64

Romanian-born cellist and pedagogue Nicolae Sarpe – aged 81

Renowned Israeli composer and conductor Noam Sheriff – aged 83

African American composer George Theophilus Walker – aged 96

University of Rochester Eastman School of Music former Dean of Students, Paul Burgett – aged 72

American violinist Rebecca Lynch – aged 93

American violist Detlev Olshausen – aged 100

Two-time Emmy award winning composer and conductor Glen Roven – aged 60

American violinist and conductor Edward Simons – aged 101

Soviet-Russian balalaika virtuoso Mikhail Fedorovich Rozhkov – aged 99

Russian cellist and pedagogue Andrey Demin – aged 68

Polish cellist Dominik Połoński – aged just 41

German conductor Enoch zu Guttenberg – aged 71

New York-based violinist and conductor David Bousso – aged just 34

Hungarian conductor and composer Frederic Balazs – aged 98

German conductor Hanns-Martin Schneidt – aged 87

English-born American conductor and composer Andrew Massey – aged 72

Hungarian-born composer, pianist, oboist and conductor Georg Arányi-Aschner – aged 96

Bulgarian-born Los Angeles-based violinist Katia Popov – aged 50

German composer, theologian, musicologist and college professor Dieter Schnebel – aged 88

Legendary Russian Concertmaster Yuri Zagorodnyuk 

British violinist, teacher and conductor Paul Mountain – aged 68

American conductor Jonathan Sternberg – aged 98

Danish composer Søren Hyldgaard – aged 55

American composer, pianist, conductor and pedagogue Donald Keats – aged 88

American-born pianist and accompanist Irwin Gage – aged 78

Czech violist and pedagogue Milan Škampa – aged 89

Polish-born American violinist Newton Mansfield – aged 88

Chinese conductor and flutist Maestro Han Zhongjie – aged 97

Italian-born American violinist Lucio Rossetti – aged 106

American conductor, violist and composer Hugo Vianello – aged 92

Long-time Cornell University Department of Music cello and viola da gamba pedagogue John Hsu – aged 86

Russian violinist Grigory Yakovlevich Geigin – aged 80

South African cellist Philip De Groote – aged 68

American classical and jazz double bassist and cellist Buell Neidlinger – aged 82

American conductor Irwin Hoffman – aged 93

Respected Russian cello pedagogue Alla Vasilieva – aged 84

American Broadway violinist and hair stylist Blair Lawhead – aged 55

Prominent African-American contemporary composer and musicologist Dr Olly Wilson – aged 80

German violinist and pedagogue Axel Wilczok – aged 66

Former Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and the Scottish National Orchestra violinist Bob Simians 

Armenian-born violinist Serguei Azizian – aged 60

Acclaimed American musical theatre composer Harvey Schmidt – aged 88

Spanish conductor Jesús López Cobos – aged 78

Hungarian film score composer and violinist László Melis – aged 65

American cellist and composer Jody Ellis – aged 92

Belarusian-born Canadian accordion virtuoso Alexander Sevastian – aged just 41

French jazz fusion, rock and electric violinist and composer Didier Lockwood – aged 62

Veteran American artist manager Lee Lamont – aged 86

French cellist Jean Grout – aged 92

Golden Globe-winning Icelandic classical, ambient and experimental music composer Jóhann Jóhannsson – aged 48

Respected Australian cellist and pedagogue Nelson Cooke – aged 98

British period instrument pioneer, cellist Caroline Brown – aged 64

American modernist, experimental 12-tone composer, Professor Alan Stout – aged 85

Parisian luthier René Quenoil – aged 96

Irish composer and pianist Daniel Barkley – aged just 28

Italian violist and violinist Luigi Alberto Bianchi – aged 72

Australian composer and conductor Dr Colin Brumby – aged 84

19-year-old British double bassists Alex Ross and Siân Chambers

Colorado State University Professor of Music, bassoonist Gary Moody – aged 62

Los Angeles-based American tenor Andres Ramirez – aged just 28

American pianist Gabriel D’Abruzzo – aged 42

American opera singer Kristine Ciesinski – aged 65

American composer and retired college professor Kenneth Jacobs

New York-based composer, french-hornist and new-music advocate Matt Marks – aged just 38

Russian alto saxophone soloist Matvey Sherling – aged 18

Former Chief Executive Officer of the Stockholm City Theatre, Benny Fredriksson, – aged 58

African-American double bassist Draylen Mason – aged just 18

American bassist, engineer and luthier Kenny Bosco – aged 34


Rest in peace, and thank you.