Wigmore Hall’s John Gilhooly Awarded Heidelberger Frühling 'New Audiences' Music Award

British Classical Music Executive John Gilhooly has been awarded the 2019 Heidelberger Frühling Music Award


It has been announced this week that London’s Wigmore Hall Chief Executive and Chairman of the Royal Philharmonic Society, John Gilhooly has been awarded the 2019 Heidelberger Frühling Music Award.

The award is presented annually by the Heidelburger Fruhling Festival, in Germany, to creatives and journalists who have made a substantial and sustained contribution to bringing classical music to wider audiences.

John will receive €10,000 - which he has indicated he will donate to Wigmore Hall and the Royal Philharmonic Society.

“Thanks to John’s intelligent and ambitious programming, alongside his innovative musical education initiatives, Wigmore Hall has opened its doors to wider and more diverse audiences …” the Heidelburger Fruhling Festival has said.

“He has created a space in which the core audience meets the tentative first listener – classical newcomers of today are becoming tomorrow’s classical music connoisseurs.”

Previous recipients include journalist Gabriela Montero, festival director Klaus Lauer and Germany baritone Christian Gerhaher.