Leipzig String Quartet Announce New Replacement 1st Violinist

Leipzig Quartet Conrad Muck Stefen Arzberger Cover

The Leipzig Quartet have today announced German violinist Conrad Muck as temporary replacement 1st violinist – following the arrest of Stefan Alzberger on attempted murder charges, in March of this year.

“Due to the momentary situation we are very glad that Conrad Muck is our 1st violin for the upcoming concerts,” a statement from the ensemble has said, “ ... we are working to expand our repertoire together.”

Muck had served as 1st violinist with the Petersen Quartet for more than 20 years.

Arzberger, 42 pleaded ‘not guilty’ in a Manhattan Supreme Court on May 1st to charges of attempted murder, assault and strangulation – following an incident on March 27th in a New York City hotel room.

It is alleged the violinist gained access to a 64 year old female victim’s room, by making claims he was a member of the hotel’s staff, before forcefully wrapping his hands around her neck.

Arzberger has been released on US $100,000 bail, has had his passport seized – and has been placed on strict court orders not to leave the State of New York.

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