London Symphony Co-Principal Double Bass Retires

Bassist Colin Paris is leaving the ensemble after almost 30 years in the role


After joining the orchestra in 1988, Paris also served as the orchestra's Vice-Chair for twelve years, demonstrating his diplomacy and leadership ability.

Paris's LSO colleagues both past and present have shared their memories of his time in the orchestra. They laud him not only for his excellent performances but also for his calmness, his professionalism, and his "cheeky" sense of humor.

"When I first met Colin in 1981, it was soon clear that we would be the best of friends," remembers Patrick Laurence, LSO Double Bass. "For 39 years we’ve worked together with the LSO, and during that time our friendship has enriched my life. I’ve had the luxury of being able to take his companionship for granted. No need to ask, he was there. Another brother to add to the four I already had!"

"Colin always showed and expressed wonderful kindness and consideration towards his section and encouragement to young players joining the profession," adds Gerald Newson, former LSO Double Bass. "His humour was legendary, his friendship invaluable, his experience profound and his understanding of the character of the musician's culture exemplary."