MANIC MONDAY | Violinist Serenades Beluga Whales at a Connecticut Aquarium

Hip hop violinist Kevin Lowther II, known as Big Lux, performs a concert for three of the whales at Connecticut's Mystic Aquarium

Big Lux playing to Juno, one of the beluga whales


"We recently had a private performance for Juno, Kela, and Natasha!" reads the aquarium’s Facebook page, referring to the beluga whales.

"This type of enrichment is great for animals and humans alike! Thanks for playing Big Lux!"

Based in Rhode Island, and coming from a family of musicians, Big Lux began studying violin under the Suzuki method. He now performs music, hosts lectures, and organizes events to promote social activism and social justice awareness.

In addition to his classical music training, he blends hip hop, bluegrass, jazz, and personal life stories to create experiences for his audiences. As a composer, his music reflects a life lived across five continents and several war zones.

"Music is universal," he told The Violin Channel. "The same frequencies move all of us. And of course, whales love to jig!"

This was Big Lux's first time playing for animals and he told us it definitely won't be his last.

"I really look forward to the next time I go back, I am a person who loves the water and all sea animals," he said. "To make this kind of a connection was a truly magical moment."