This viola sounds amazing and large even though it is only a 15”. My favorite luthier added several upgrades for me including a sound post adjustment to increase the warmth, an floating orchestra fine tuner tailpiece to increase resonance and assist in tuning (I have arthritis), non-allergenic titanium mounts on the chin rest, and (oh my) Evah Pirazzi Gold strings.  I will include original tailpiece in case as shown in photos. Lighter in weight than most 15″ violas, making it easier to play.  It really is a stunning instrument and has been judged to be worth twice its original sale price because of its rich tone. Sadly, due to injury I have downgraded to a 14”.  This instrument originally sold for $2300.  It does have some cosmetic blemishes that could be easily colored and buffed out by a luthier.  I just never got around to it because they didn’t affect the tone and for me added to the antiqued look of the instrument.  Bow is not included but I could be persuaded to include it if absolutely needed since I can purchase a bow locally if I need to.  Strings were added in January but have not been played much since I was injured around the same time.  This is a gorgeous sounding instrument that I played in community orchestras with.  


Asking $2000.


Quoted from where originally purchased.  

“Best in Class!”

In the 1930s, Lionel Tertis, the most influential violist of the 20th century, created a unique design for a viola that allowed for a big, viola sound, yet was easy to navigate by smaller or younger players. The result is a viola with a small upper bout for maneuverability and a large lower bout for big sound. Our new Lamberti® Tertis viola is based on Tertis’s design. It is beautifully crafted from choice tonewoods and finished with a subtle antique varnish. Our violists here at SHAR have described this viola’s cello-like sound as awesome.

List Price : 2,000
Listing Type : viola Instruments
Seller : Private Seller
Maker : Carlo Lamberti for Shar Music
currency : USD - United States Dollars
Item Condition : Excellent
Year : 2012
Size : 15"
Instrument Trial Conditions : Ship Domestically
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