4/4 Kreutzer A700 violin (anno 2015) from Day Violins in Utah. Has several upgrades.  Wittner Finetune pegs for super easy and accurate tuning.  Rosewood chin rest with hypoallergenic gold posts. Has been lovingly maintained with all string checks and sound checks completed on schedule. Current strings are about 5 months old and are due for a string check at the end of this month. Played on average an hour per day since purchase in 2015.  Comes with standard A700 model bow.  Originally purchased for $2200 (including upgrades and labor for customization). Asking $1800. 

List Price : 1,800
Listing Type : Violin Instruments
Seller : Private Seller
Maker : Kreutzer
currency : USD - United States Dollars
Item Condition : Excellent
Year : 2015
Size : 4/4
Instrument Trial Conditions : Ship Domestically
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