Notable violin made in 2016 by the Cremona-based and trained violin maker Felix Daniel Rotaru. The violin is modeled and inspired after Guarneri Del Gesu. The violin is covered with an outstanding red oil varnish, laid over a golden-amber ground. The Carpathian maple back and ribs display spectacularly deep and rich flames of medium -narrow width. In the style of the original Guarneri Del Gesu violins, the head displays a plainer figure. The top is made of old italian spruce from Val di Fiemme, the historical forest that supplied Antonio Stradivari with tone wood, 300 years ago. The violin has identical measurements with the original.

     Well-known in Europe for his very high acoustical level of his violins, Felix Rotaru has obtained with this instrument the cherished rich-velvety ”guarnerian” color of sound that builds elegantly from lowest to highest registers; the instrument has impressive power as well as a melancholic and poetical pianissimo. From a brilliant, solistic, warm and perfectly focused E to the dramatic and solid G, the violin builds a round, complete and consistent sound. This violin is capable of all the means of expression needed by a top violinist with the highest expectations of function, power and beauty of sound.

   Felix Rotaru would be more than happy to demonstrate the acoustical capabilities of all his violins to demanding musicians located far away or overseas via video-call. Trained also as a classical violinist, he can play several key excepts form the established violin repertoire in order for you to judge the sound of his violins. Against technical limits that video-calls might have, one can still hear the sound and have a consistent idea about the acoustical qualities of the violin in discussion.

   Felix Rotaru offers lifetime guarantee for all his instruments. Please inquire for details.

List Price : 10,500
Listing Type : Violin Instruments
Seller : Instrument Maker
Maker : Felix Daniel Rotaru
currency : USD - United States Dollars
Item Condition : Mint
Year : 2016
Size : 4/4. Length of Back: 356mm; Mensur/string length: 326mm
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