This is a new concert quality viola by luthier David Finck. The body length is 16-3/8″ (41.6 cm). The outline is inspired by a 1560 Andrea Amati — the arching of the top and back follow my own design. If you are a violist looking for an instrument with a beautiful tone that can be heard, with deep woody basses, a woodwind-like treble register, and power to spare, then this one deserves serious your consideration. It’s recent mate (identical model) appears in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra from time to time and helped turn around a series of unsuccessful auditions into a series of successful ones. With elegant Italian fittings of authentic boxwood by Bogaro y Clemente.  Please visit for audition information

List Price : 12,000
Listing Type : viola Instruments
Seller : Instrument Maker
Maker : David Finck
currency : USD - United States Dollars
Item Condition : Mint
Year : 2016
Size : 16-3/8
Store Address : Valle Crucis, North Carolina
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