Etienne Pajeot is undoubtedly my favourite bow maker. He was a revolutionary and an innovator, continually trying new things and searching of ways to improve. As a result, his bows can often look quite different from one another. The constants throughout his oeuvre however are fine workmanship and total elegance of form; I’ve never seen a Pajeot that I didn’t think was beautiful. 

This one was made around 1845 and quite simply makes an explosive sound. It immediately pulls out the best characteristics of any instrument and is exhilarating to play.

Round stick, 59 grams and comes with an Isaac Salchow certificate. 

List Price : 25,000
Listing Type : violin bows
Seller : Instrument Dealer
Maker : Etienne Pajeot
currency : GBP - Pounds Sterling
Item Condition : Excellent
Year : 1845
Item Weight : 59
Store Name : Tim Wright Fine Violins
Store Website :
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