This French beauty was hand-made in Paris around 1850. It has a one-piece maple back with a rich orange-red varnish. The body measures 363mm long. It bears no label but has a stamp “CHEVRIER A PARIS”. It has been kept in a climate controlled environment, and recently adjusted, cleaned and prepped for sale. The bridge was made approximately 10 years ago by Christopher Landon. The violin has a sweet warm tone and a great projection. This is perfect for a serious violin student! The violin is for sale privately (not through a shop) and therefore is priced affordably and at a bargain for the instrument! You are welcome (and encouraged) to come take a look and try it!

List Price : 8,000
Listing Type : Violin Instruments
Seller : Private Seller
Maker : Unknown
currency : USD - United States Dollars
Item Condition : Excellent
Year : 1850
Size : 363mm
Item Weight : 1lb 0.6oz
Instrument Trial Conditions : Requires Discussion
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