Ludovico Rastelli worked in the medieval old town of 19th century Genoa, the home of Niccolo Paganini. After Paganini’s death in 1840, his Guarneri violin, ‘il Cannone’ was gifted to the city of Genoa. It is probable that Rastelli heard Paganini in concert, and certain that the reputation of Paganini and his violin that was as loud as a Cannon had reached Rastelli by the time he made it circa 1860.

This Guarneri model violin, although not a copy of ‘il Cannone’, possesses the same characteristics of punch and projection as Paganini’s violin. I find myself driving for an ever bigger and better sound when playing this violin – I can really feel it working with me to improve my playing!

Condition is very good, although a small amount of restored historic worm damage in the upper back makes this instrument more affordable. With Dmitry Gindin certificate. 

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List Price : 25,000
Listing Type : Violin Instruments
Seller : Instrument Dealer
Maker : Ludovico Rastelli
currency : GBP - Pounds Sterling
Item Condition : Great
Year : 1860
Store Name : Tim Wright Fine Violins
Store Website :
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