Born in Cheetwood, England (1835-1904). Self-taught in violin making, intense enthusiasm carried him forward until he achieved the success that genius commands. His creations are characterized by having a golden red or an equally rich yellow varnish, very lustrous and transparent, and a splendidly full tone, which becomes magnificent when the necessary years of playing have matured it. Mayson produced the astounding number of 810 instruments and anointed each one of them with a unique name.


This particular violin named “Rowena” dates from 1892. It has a two-piece back of well-flamed maple. Sides and scroll are of similar maple. Varnish is a rich orange-brown color on a yellow ground. The violin possesses a brilliant and powerful sound, especially on the E string. All required maintenance and setup has been performed by our own professional in-house luthiers. The instrument is in perfect physical condition.


Deus adsit, obsit Mundus.
No. “Rowena” A.D. 1892

Additionally, the label is signed in ink across the top of the label with the maker’s signature.





Length:      36.0 cm
Upper Bout:   17.4 cm
Middle Bout:   11.7 cm
Lower Bout:   21.7 cm
Rib:        3.3 cm

A written appraisal for insurance purposes, for the value of the instrument, can be provided at no additional cost.

List Price : 3,500
Listing Type : Violin Instruments
Seller : Music Store
Maker : Walter H. Mayson
currency : USD - United States Dollars
Item Condition : Excellent
Year : 1892
Size : 4/4
Instrument Trial Conditions : Requires Discussion
Store Name : Allegro Music Center
Store Address : 6869 SW 8th Street
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