Violist Mathieu Herzog to Leave French-Based Quatuor Ébène String Quartet

Quatuor Ebene String Quartet Mathieu Herzog leaving

The French string quartet Quatuor Ébène has today announced violist Mathieu Herzog is set to leave the ensemble after 15 seasons – to devote himself to conducting.

“Today, Mathieu has made the decision to set sail for new musical horizons and to devote himself principally to conducting,” the ensemble has said in a joint-statement.

“His departure will take place over a significant transitional period, during which time we will continue to work together both on stage and in the recording studio,” the group has said.

The Boulogne-Billancourt-based ensemble, founded in 1999, first came to international attention in 2004 - after receiving 1st prize in the string quartet category of the ARD International Music Competition.