Milwaukee Symphony Announces Cancellation of 2020 Season

A series of virtual performances will begin in January 2021, with the plan for regular, live concerts to resume in September of 2021.


This week, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra announced the cancellation of all scheduled performances for their upcoming fall season, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and damage to their hall caused by flooding.

Season ticket holders are encouraged to embrace the online concerts in hopes of keeping subscribers excited and engaged.

“I’m filled with joy and anticipation on behalf of the orchestra and staff that we have made a commitment not to go dark. We have thrilling programs, and an opportunity to showcase our incredible musicians in a way never before possible," Milwaukee Symphony Music Director Ken-David Masur said.

"Since the pandemic began, the members of our orchestra have creatively pursued opportunities to stay connected to the community by playing on their front porches or driveways for neighbors and passersby. With this same passion for connection, we will pour our hearts into creating a virtual season that will transcend our physical distance and continue the perpetual wonder that is music,” he said.