Munich’s New Concert Hall Construction Costs Doubled

When construction began five years ago, the estimated cost was 350 million Euros. Today, the costs are expected to rise to 700 million Euros

(Photo rendering credit: Bloomimages Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architekten ZT GmbH)

The state parliament’s budget committee approved further plans for the concert hall in Werksviertel in Munich, Germany. With plans to be completed by 2030, the concert hall plans include an elaborate facade.

The new plans outline a media façade that can be illuminated and display art using lights. Early renderings of the idea show hundreds of cells making up the structure. The façade is intended to reflect the digitization of the modern world, and music, which was also influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hall has 1900 seats, with the ability to reduce the number depending on the performance. Part of the additional costs is due to acoustical designs. Planned by acoustician Tateo Nakajima, a special sound concept will have a flexible room volume to match the number of seats. This requires an increase in the volume of the room, therefore a taller building.

The new concert hall will be the home of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.