NEW TO YOUTUBE | Randall Goosby and VC Young Artist Xavier Foley Perform "Shelter Island"

Written by Foley, this piece is a celebration of their friendship, incorporating bluegrass, classical, and baroque styles

Randall Goosby (Photo credit: Kaupo Kikkas)


Xavier Foley, the youngest composer represented on Goosby's new DECCA Classics album "Roots," wrote the violin/bass duo based on and inspired by their friendship.

A year on from their first meeting at the 2010 Sphinx Competition in Detroit, Michigan — at which a 13-year old Goosby would become the youngest musician to win First Place in the junior division — Goosby and Foley would reunite in 2011 as participants in the Perlman Music Program.

Xavier wrote on his social media that "the name of this piece comes from the place me and Randall Goosby went to summer camp at called "The Perlman Music Festival" which is located on Shelter Island, NY!"

When discussing the Foley and the album's other featured composers, Randall commented: "If it weren’t for these composers, these artists and this music, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing today. This recording is a tribute to their lives and experiences, and their dedication to creating this art that we all love."