Nicola Benedetti 'Pissed Off' People Think Sex Sells Classical Music


British violinist Nicola Benedetti has unleashed her frustration, hitting out at critics who suggest that glamorous classical musicians succeed because of their sexy image - rather than artistic ability.

The 26 year old, former BBC 'Young Musician of the Year', lashed out yesterday on Britain's Radio 3, suggesting: "... it amounts to sexism when talented female artists are judged on looks ... It really pisses me off when people attribute the rise to the ‘sex sells classical music’ thing."

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id="mOY2NQdFHuc" width="590" height="385" auto_thumb="1"]Nicola Benedetti | Gardel & Le Pera | Tango | 'Por Una Cabeza' from 'Scent of a Woman'

Asked is she would ever consider a provocative photo shoot to help sell an album, she retorted: 'I can't see the point. It would take me a lifetime to win back the respect for my music'.

The comments come in response to British journalist Dame Jenni Murray last year suggesting Benedetti and brass musician Alison Balsom, affectionately dubbed 'the trumpet crumpet', owe part of their success to the way they had been marketed by their record labels.