OUT NOW | DOLFINOS New Carbon Edition Chin & Shoulder Rest

The award-winning company created an innovative all-in-one rest system concept, including adaptable chin and shoulder rests


DOLFINOS, the Switzerland-based company, announced the release of their new Carbon Edition Rest, available for violin, viola, and small violin.

"Our initial motivation was to help beginners interact much easier and more safely with their violin or viola — and quickly get over the many obstacles of starting to learn these wonderful instruments," Michael Y. Wiener, Co-Founder of DOLFINOS told The Violin Channel.

"Our technology allows the product to fully adapt to the player and therefore, it grows with you. That means you can start at age seven and play on the same system until age 77 and beyond. Your instruments may come and go, but this solution is made to accompany you for a lifetime.

"With this edition, we worked extremely hard to make our breakthrough innovation affordable to everyone."




The Carbon Edition is available to purchase online: www.dolfinos.com. Additionally, leading luthiers are DOLFINOS' exclusive sales and service partners, who can be found under the "Near You" menu on their webpage.