OUT NOW | Jupiter String Quartet's New CD: 'Metamorphosis' [OUT TODAY]

Marquis Classics has announced the release of the Jupiter String Quartet's new album: 'Metamorphosis'


Marquis Classics has today announced the release of the University of Illinois-based Jupiter String Quartet's new album: 'Metamorphosis'.

The disc features Beethoven’s String Quartet in C# Minor Op. 131 - coupled with Ligeti’s Quartet No. 1 'Métamorphoses Nocturnes'.

"Beethoven's epic String Quartet Op. 131 is a piece we have lived with since our quartet's beginnings - and will continue to grow with for many years to come ..." violinist Nelson Lee has this week told The Violin Channel.

"We were drawn to the pairing with Ligeti's captivating String Quartet No. 1 for their shared sense of fate and inevitability and also for the starkly different ways in which they navigate this exploration ... the Beethoven through a patient journey that encapsulates the human experience - and the Ligeti through a taut vivid exercise in extreme emotional shifts ... " he has said.

"We hope the listener will enjoy the experience of listening to each piece as a singular emotional journey, from start to finish without pause."



Jupiter String Quartet

Label: Marquis Classics

Release Date: August 7, 2020