OUT NOW | Larsen Strings Launches New "Aurora" Violin String Set

"A new string for all players reaching that sweet spot of balance between brilliance, warmth, breadth, and focus for almost all violins"


Larsen Strings, in Denmark, announced the launch of the new "Aurora" Violin String Set.

"The predominant theme of our new design was to create a string for all," Ole Wichmann, Vice President sales and marketing of Larsens Strings told The Violin Channel.

"Aurora violin is a string for all ages from the youngest student starting at the very beginning to the seasoned professional looking for a new, higher quality, reference standard for violin strings," he added.

"Our distributors have seen huge interest from music schools because of the fractional sizes, easy playability, and affordable price."

The strings are available in full size in Medium or Strong with a choice of D strings in Aluminium or Silver. They are also available in fractional sizes with Medium tension from 3/4 to 1/16 sizes.

The new set is available now at string stores internationally.

Visit Larsen's website for more details.