Semi-Finalists Announced at Queen Elisabeth Competition – Including 4 VC ‘Young Artists’

Queen Elisabeth Competition Waarts Hagen Kang Cover

The 24 Semi-Finalists, have just minutes ago, been announced at the 2015 Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition – including 4 VC ‘Young Artists’.

This year’s Semi-Finalists are:

  • VC 'Young Artist' Stephen Waarts from United States/Holland
  • VC 'Young Artist' William Hagen from the United States
  • VC 'Young Artist' Suyeon Kang from Australia
  • VC 'Young Artist' Tobias Feldmann from Germany
  • William Ching‐Yi Wei from Taiwan
  • Ji Yoon Lee from South Korea
  • Brendan Shea the United States
  • Thomas Reif from Germany
  • Matsuyama Michiru from Japan
  • Ji Won Song from South Korea
  • Fumika Mohri from Japan
  • Kenneth Renshaw from the United States
  • Solenne Païdassi from France
  • Rosanne Philippens from Holland
  • Bomsori Kim from South Korea
  • Vladyslava Luchenko from the Ukraine
  • Oleksii Semenenko from the Ukraine
  • Ji Young Lim from South Korea
  • Wang Xiao from China
  • Yang Yoon from South Korea
  • Wong Momo from Japan/United States
  • Elly Suh from the United States
  • George Tudorache from Romania
  • Kristi Gjezi from France

For the Semi-Final round, each candidate will present a 40 minute recital, including Ysaye's 4th Solo Sonata and this year's set work 'Recitativo' by Baltakas Vykintas – plus a Mozart Violin Concerto, performed with the Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie.

12 finalists will progress to the Final round – to be held from 25th-30th May.

Widely respected as one of the most prestigious and coveted classical music accolades, the 1st prize winner will receive 25,000 Euro (USD$31,000), a CD recording, a number of international concert engagements and the 3 year use of the ‘Huggins’ Stradivarius – on generous loan from the Nippon Music Foundation.

Live webstreaming of the Semi Final and Final rounds will be available.

You won’t miss a beat!

PICTURED: 2015 Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition Semi-Finalists, VC 'Young Artists' Stephen Waarts, William Hagen and Suyeon Kang.