Bonn Beethoven Orchestra Principal Cellist Accused of Murdering Wife

Sergei Kuruchkin Kate de Marcken murder trial cover

The trial has began in Bonn, Germany of Beethoven Orchestra Bonn's Principal Cellist Sergei Kuruchkin – accused of murdering his wife, Belgian pianist Kate de Marcken.

It will be alleged the 55 year old Russian-born cellist strangled his spouse, on October 23rd last year - before burying her body in a forest near the city of Ahr.

Kuruchkin had served as section leader with the orchestra since 1992.

It's believed the argument was sparked by a disagreement over the pair's 12 year old son's school education.

The accused, who eventually lead police to the burial sight, remained silent during the open proceedings - and has requested all previous police confessions be made inadmissible.

Presumptions of innocence apply.