University of Kentucky Stolen Instruments Found

The stolen oboe, violin, and three violin bows have been found and returned to their owners

Oboist Colleen Scott and violinist JuRang Kim


After Colleen Scott’s oboe and JuRang Kim’s violin and bows were stolen from their lockers in May this year, the pair set up a GoFundMe page to replace their lost instruments. 

On August 19, 2021, however, the University of Kentucky (UK) and Jessamine County Police Departments made two arrests of the alleged thieves.

The police were assisted by Brad Kerns, the university's Professor of Trombone, who informed them of a violin that had been posted on Facebook marketplace.

Both Scott and Kim are overjoyed to be reunited with their instruments and to discover that even after months, the instruments had stayed together throughout the summer. 

“When I heard the news that my original oboe was found, I cried tears of joy,” said Scott in an update on their GoFundMe page. “I am glad to have my original oboe back safely and am so lucky to have received your gracious support throughout this journey.”

The instruments came back damaged in some areas and its owners are delaying any repairs until the police investigation is completed. Due to the lack of security cameras, they are yet to determine who exactly removed the instruments from the UK building. 

“I am amazed and so blessed to have my ‘Olini’ back in my arms, but it is not in the same playable condition it used to be since it was poorly taken care of,” said Kim, who will use the donations for a new violin in order to complete her upcoming DMA recitals.

“Thank you so much to our donors for your kindness and thoughtfulness,” Kim continued. “Each and every name on the donor list (including those shown to the public as anonymous) meant the world to me, and every amount contributed to our ability to move forward.”