BREAKING NEWS | Min-Jin Kym's £1.2M Strad Recovered After Almost 3 Years


British Transport Police have today officially confirmed Korean virtuoso Min-Jin Kym's 1696 Stradivarius, stolen from London's Euston Rail Station in November 2010, has been recovered

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id="H3i8BIny1qk" width="590" height="385" auto_thumb="1"]Min-Jin Kym | £1.2m Stradivarius Recovered | Interview

The £1.2M instrument and £62,000 Peccatte bow are believed to be intact with only some minor damage

A 32 year old man and two teenagers were arrested and sentenced in connection to the theft in 2011

“The loss of the instrument was at the back of my mind at every moment of the day," Ms Kym has said, “I’ve now gone from devastation to the other end of the scale – an incredible feeling of elation”