Evidence Presented that Classical Music Can Prevent Epileptic Seizures

Classical Music Prevents Epilepsy Seizures Cover

A new study, presented this week at the American Psychological Association’s 123rd Annual Convention, in Toronto has suggested that the calming effects of listening to jazz and classical music can reduce the likelihood of epilepsy suffers experiencing seizures.

The exploratory study of 21 epileptic patients at the Ohio State University, involved the use of an electroencephalogram device to analyse the brainwave patterns of those with and without the condition - after repeated exposure to silence, Mozart and jazz saxophonist, John Coltrane.

“We were surprised by the findings. We hypothesised that music would be processed in the brain differently than silence. We did not know if this would be the same or different for people with epilepsy ...” Study lead, Dr. Christine Charyton has said, “... we believe that music could potentially be used as an intervention to help people with epilepsy.”

Dr Charyton has stressed the initial finding does not suggest that music alone can treat the disorder – but that it could be a beneficial supplement to therapy, medication and stress management.