Korean Violin Maker Sung Hee Hong Awarded Russian International 1st Prize

Violin Luthier Cover

Korean-born Italian-based luthier Sung Hee Hong has been awarded 1st prize in the 'Modern Violin' Category - at the 'Violin: Soul and Shape' International Violin Makers Competition, in Moscow.

Milena Noventa, from Italy was awarded 1st prize in the 'Imitation of Old Instruments' Category.

No 1st or 2nd prizes were awarded in the 'Electronic Instrument' Category - however Dmitri Epaneshnikov and Nicholai Savinov, from Russia were presented with joint 3rd prize.

Maria Strelnikova and Andreas Preuss, from Russia were awarded prizes in the Viola Categories.

Eduard Schwen, from Germany was awarded 1st Prize in the Cello Category.

Luboas Odlas from the Czech Republic was awarded 1st Prize in the Bow Category.