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NEW TO YOUTUBE | Soloist Maximillian Simon’s Amazing Broken-String Recovery [MUST-SEE]

A masterclass in elegance. Soloist Maximilian Simon’s graceful recovery following a mid-performance e string break. Recorded live on January 6th, 2016 - with conductor Marc...

ASK THE PROS | James Ehnes – ‘Mid-Performance String Breaks’ [ADVICE]

The Violin Channel member Jason Tong was keen to know: 'What is the most professional way to handle a broken string during a performance?' We...

THROWBACK THURSDAY | Midori Goto, 14 Years Old, 2 Broken Strings – 1985 [VIDEO]

Legendary archival footage of the then 14 year old, Midori Goto breaking not 1, but 2 E strings during the finale of the fiendishly...