Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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WACKY WEDNESDAY | … For String Quartet and Ping Pong Player [MUST SEE]

Introducing the MozART Group - performing Joplin and Bizet for String Quartet and Ping Pong player .... MOZART GROUP | STRING QUARTET AND PING PONG PLAYER  

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Ass-Dur – Switching Clothing During a Performance [WTF]

Meet cabaret comedy-duo, Ass-Dur. Classically trained, the Berlin-based pair enjoy switching clothing with each other during a piano recital …. ASS-DUR | CHANGING CLOTHES...

MANIC MONDAY | Piano Comedy Legend Victor Borge, 1968 [OMG-ROFL]

Danish comedian, conductor and pianist Victor Borge doing what he did best. Recorded live on the NBC Dean Martin Variety Show in 1968. PIANIST, COMEDIAN VICTOR BORGE | THE...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | American Vaudeville Violinist, Wilbur Francis Hall [VIDEO]

American vaudeville violinist Wilbur Francis Hall's frantically athletic rendition of “Pop Goes the Weasel” - in the 1930 classic film 'The King of Jazz'. Get...


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